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  1. Nfl

    taskkill /f /im nameoftheprocess.exe
  2. hi there, make the folowing folder path on the cd/dvd: $OEM$\$Docs\All Users\Bureau Then choose OEM preinstall, that way everything you put inside that folder will appear on desktop. Regards
  3. Hi there, make a .bat file like this: @echo off taskkill /f /im explorer.exe exit and add the path to that bat file in wpi.
  4. This i used for winamp 5.35: %CDROM%\Extras\winamp\winamp.exe /S taskkill /f /t /im winamp.exe For ccleaner and winrar i downloaded already packed .exe´s from ryan mv website. For the other 2 i dunno... Notice i use WPI, so for winamp those are command 1 and command 2. Regards
  5. you have to put wpi in a folder like: $oem$\$1 inside the cd, so it´s copied to hard drive during instalattion. Then, you can call wpi trough nlite finish commands, like: %systemdrive%\wpi\wpi.hta or a batch file if you like. i have a batch file that i call when nlite finishes, that batch file starts wpi and in the end deletes the entire wpi folder, and does more things too... depends on one´s preferences...
  6. There´s an easy way to test, make a batch and test instalation in your current windows...
  7. Lol! Google says it´s regards
  8. Firefox has a great extension that does all the work for you, it´s called foxmarks, it sinchronizes your bookmarks automatically, wherever you are. Justo go to china, install firefox+foxmarks and voilá, your favorites are automatically downloaded. Regards ps:btw, in IE,go to File/import-export
  9. I would be glad if i only knew how to install cs3 silently....what switches do you use? Regards
  10. Congratz When you have blank spaces in the path of a cmd comand you have to put the comand between "", like: move "x:\testing folder" c:\ Anyway, this is the comand i use to copy shortcuts: CLS @echo off TITLE Unattended Install Package if exist d:\I386 set cdrom=d: if exist e:\I386 set cdrom=e: if exist f:\I386 set cdrom=f: if exist g:\I386 set cdrom=g: if exist h:\I386 set cdrom=h: if exist i:\I386 set cdrom=i: if exist j:\I386 set cdrom=j: if exist k:\I386 set cdrom=k: if exist l:\I386 set cdrom=l: if exist m:\I386 set cdrom=m: if exist n:\I386 set cdrom=n: if exist o:\I386 set cdrom=o: if exist p:\I386 set cdrom=p: if exist q:\I386 set cdrom=q: if exist r:\I386 set cdrom=r: if exist s:\I386 set cdrom=s: if exist t:\I386 set cdrom=t: if exist u:\I386 set cdrom=u: if exist v:\I386 set cdrom=v: if exist w:\I386 set cdrom=w: if exist x:\I386 set cdrom=x: if exist y:\I386 set cdrom=y: if exist z:\I386 set cdrom=z: ECHO. ECHO Copying Quick Launch Icons... xcopy "%CDROM%\I386\QLIcons\MS Paint.lnk" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" /Y xcopy "%CDROM%\I386\QLIcons\Registry Editor.lnk" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" /Y xcopy "%CDROM%\I386\QLIcons\Show Desktop.scf" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" /Y xcopy "%CDROM%\I386\QLIcons\Task Manager.lnk" "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" /Y EXIT this a .cmd file in the cd rom drive, called by another one that i´ve put in the $oem$\$1 folder that loads at first logon. If you manage to do like this great, if not email me, maybe i find another solution. Best regards
  11. The latest version of my dvd i made also gave me the same issue, i did it all the same way i did the other times... It just doesn´t install, doesn´t give me any errors.... The only thing i changed was adding some updates >07/2007 and changed nLite version so one of these two things is causing the issue in my case.... anyone?
  12. I believe you ucan find almost, if not all of the switches here: Regards.
  13. Hi there, i checked my config(Windows post installer) because i made my dvd a few months ago and now i didn´t remember... Here´s the switch i use: IE7.exe /passive /norestart /update-no It works for me, windows post installer has almost the same method as a batch so i supose it would work for you too. Regards
  14. Can´t you sliptream it with nlite? Al least with me almost all KB´s i can include them via nlite... Regards
  15. Try /S (uppercase), that´s how older versions installed silently. Regards