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  1. Screensaver doesn't start...

    Yes, I could change the screensaver to anything I wanted to with the same result....But, I found out what caused the wait time to be grayed out. It was a small tweaking program from Fresh Devices called Fresh UI. I stumbled upon it, quite by accident but, it was the culprit. It takes control of that part of the screensaver and the wait time has to be modified through Fresh UI. Thanks for your time and input!
  2. Screensaver doesn't start...

    My screensaver doesn't start, so I checked the Desktop properties, only to find the "Wait" time set to "0" minutes and it is grayed out.
  3. Trying to add DELL drivers

    I thank you for the link but, I had already read it and it doesn't seem to apply to my situation with the DELL drivers since most of them do not have .inf files. Thats the whole problem.....After extracting the drivers, there are NO .inf files to be found. -- hapecat® ----
  4. Trying to add DELL drivers

    I hate to be dumb, but I just can't figure this one out. I have all my Dell drivers in a folder and extracted to their respective sub-folders, but only 2 of the 8 have any .inf files and 1 of those has many .inf's. I'm lost!....Can someone steer me in the right direction or provide a link to a better explanation? I've always installed the drivers after the re-format and install, because I didn't know how to add them to the disc. -- hapecat® ----
  5. ISO images...Does anyone know....?

    Thank you...Just didn't know if that would work or not. Having to use DVD+R's, will get pricy afte a while. -- hapecat® ----
  6. ISO images...Does anyone know....?

    Q: Does anyone know if the finished nLite image can be copied to a DVD+RW, so the DVD can be used again? Or, does it have to be burned to a write once DVD+R disk? Before you ask........Yes my ISO is too big to fit on a CD, because of the addons I use plus I don't remove any XP components. I've looked the forum over but can't find any reference to it. -- hapecat® ----
  7. Hide Shutdown

    You might give this one a try: Quick ShutDown I've been using it for several years and really like it.
  8. nLite (beta) newbie - is this right?

    Sancho, I did a bit more research and I now assume that the Winnt.sif file is created if I set unattended options in nLite's setup section. Russell That may be true...Because all of my nLite's were set as unattended installs.
  9. nLite (beta) newbie - is this right?

    Thanks for the reply Sancho . Good to hear things are apparently doing what they're supposed to :-) Where should I see winnt.sif? I don't see winnt.sif anywhere (searched) on my original XP install disks either. Is this something that nLite is supposed to create? Thanks again Russell Look in the i386 folder.
  10. Wow, that's a lot of updates!

    First thing is to find that recovery partition and learn how to start the recovery process. If you ever format the drive, that option will be forever lost!I don't know what your OEM is, but I've been making nLite'd disks for DELL's using my copied DELL OEM XPPro disk for over a yr now. I haven't had any problems doing it this way as yet. This method also works for, Compaq, HP and eMachine. You just need to copy the OEM disk to a folder and save it for later use. Also I'm doing XP Home the same way. I started doing this, with my DELL which is XPPro SP1a, by restoring my OS from the factory image partition(DELL calls this PC Restore) and install the nLite'd XPPro, on top of the restored OS. Using RVM's update packs, I usually have anywhere from 0 to maybe 5 updates to install. The whole process from start to finish, that's replacing the "OS", drivers, "My Documents", Theme's, and all my programs: ~3hrs! I hope this is of some help to you.
  11. Failed Update

    I've also had trouble w/updates in .NET v1.1, .NET v2 and .NET v3 when using the automatic update.I've had to resort to downloading the file and then manual install it. It's just a workaround.....I hope this is some help.