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  1. heh, you could do a lot worse.
  2. eh, i still like my g5 ^_^
  3. good question. although logitechs are worth what you pay for them, i'd imagine a true audiophile would go for klipsch or something.
  4. @ fan pointing into case and @ g7 mouse and klipsch 2.1 (unfortunately i settled for 2nd best: logitech z2300 2.1 speakers. but i love 'em.) one of these days i'll get around to taking pics of my system. but it probably won't be until i get moved in at the university. oh, and @ kingston ram. i use corsair, which i would say is one of the best as well.
  5. great, glad you got it working!
  6. yep, those two would be my best guess (psu, then motherboard).
  7. hello, I'm Garrett. I'm a web developer, and I use XPize.
  8. "alternative" refers to the color of selected items that is different. actually, TweakUI for XP can do just that.