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  1. reg_sz does not work with variables, you need reg_expand_sz
  2. here's winamp.msi 5.1 stays here for about 3 days, so be quick
  3. it is ooooooh so simple, use txtsetup.sif add following lines, no need for pci and dev entries because txtsetup.sif is textmode, is simply loads the drivers you specify under [sCSI.Load] copy the _mass*.sys to your drivers folder on your winpe Same goes for unnattende xp cd with a few minor additions for copying the inf and sys files to your correct folders ; ADDED [sCSI.load] _mass001 = _mass001.sys,4 _mass002 = _mass002.sys,4 _mass003 = _mass003.sys,4 _mass004 = _mass004.sys,4 _mass005 = _mass005.sys,4 _mass006 = _mass006.sys,4 _mass007 = _mass007.sys,4 _mass008 = _mass008.sys,4 _mass009 = _mass009.sys,4 _mass010 = _mass010.sys,4 [sCSI] _mass001 = "Adaptec 1200A ATA Raid controller" _mass002 = "Adaptec Array1000 PCI RAID Controller" _mass003 = "Adaptec Ultra320 Family SCSI Controller" _mass004 = "VIA Serial ATA VT8237 RAID Controller" _mass005 = "Intel® RAID Controller" _mass006 = "VMWare SCSI Controller" _mass007 = "LSI Logic SCSI Adapter" _mass008 = "Promise IDE Controller 66/100/133 family" _mass009 = "Promise Fasttrak 133 Lite Controller" _mass010 = "Compaq/HP Smart Array 5x and 6x Controller" ;END ADDED
  4. Why should that give any problems ??? Most of the drivers i use aren't digitally signed but anyway, thank guys
  5. why not modify your .inf files ??? I place all my lan inf files in the root of (lets say) LAN and let the .inf files search for the right drivers in their subfolders. only one section in your file need to be modified, works like a charm example broadcom drivers [sourceDisksNames] 1 = %DISK_DESC%,,,\BROADCOM_01 example winnt.sif [unattended] UnattendMode=ReadOnly OemSkipEula=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes OemPnPDriversPath="install\drivers\storage;install\drivers\chipset;install\drivers\lan;install\drivers\flash;install\drivers\modem;install\drivers\sound;install\drivers\video" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore TargetPath=\WINDOWS UnattendSwitch=yes WaitForReboot=No