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  1. I am running Windows 10. I "USED" to attach a cable from my Olympus SZ-31mr digital camera to my computer (USB) connection. File Explorer would recognize the camera and call it Drive F. Under that I would see, DB, under that I would see DCIM, under that I would see 100OLYMP. if I then left clicked on 100OLYMP, I would open all the pictures that were on the memory card in the camera. A while back I had to format the computer and reinstall everything. Now when I attach that cable, File Explorer recognizes the camera as Drive F, as before. Then I see DB, as before, then I see DCIM as before. But that is the end. I do not see 100OLYMP like I did before. If I click on the last folder DCIM, it tells me that folder is empty. NOW...I do have an adapter, that if I take the memory card out of the camera, and then put the card into this adapter, and then plug the adapter (USB) connection to the camera, I see everything like I did before. But that is extra work and I do want to keep removing the card etc. It was so nice to just attach the cable and then see all the pictures. I have two other computer also running Windows 10, and they both work like before. It is just the computer that I formatted that does not work like it did. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Mike
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies. I have run JRT, TDSSkiller, and ADWcleaner. Nothing was found. However this morning I was getting my emails, and the computer jumped back to the desktop. ????? Mike
  3. Yeah, it happens to me too, this metro explorer sometimes tends to lag, but the win32 things not. This in an APU A4 3300 with 4gb ram. Maybe a high hdd usage at the time? Yeah, it happens to me too, this metro explorer sometimes tends to lag, but the win32 things not. This in an APU A4 3300 with 4gb ram. Maybe a high hdd usage at the time? This is what comes to my mind: Try using JRT (Junkware Removal Tool). Should Clean PC off unnecessary bloatware. You might use Autoruns to check out whether too many things ain't opening at startup. Beware, this program might be dangerous when used in bad way. Use FRST to create logs that will show you potential problems. If this is too much to you, always might ask for help at some forum where there are people that help with such cases at regular basis f.e. Bleeping Computer Thanks everyone for the replies. I have run JRT, TDSSkiller, and ADWcleaner. Nothing was found. However this morning I was getting my emails, and the computer jumped back to the desktop. ????? Mike
  4. Thanks Mcinwwl, and xper. I have already run CCleaner for Cleaner and Registery, as well as Malwarebytes and Kaspersky Internet Security several times. I believe the computer is clean, but there is something wrong somewhere. I evan ran that SFC / Scannow as administrator. No problems there either.
  5. Update. Today I clicked on Settings, and the Update & Security. When I did that the computer jumped back to the Desktop. I tried this about 4 times, same result. Then I tried to do a RESTART. I got a message that TASK HOST MANAGER was running and was preventing the restart. I think I then clicked on Restart anyway. It took the computer about five minutes to finally Restart. . After the restart, everything was fine again. Any suggestions before I do a format and reinstall Windows 10. Thanks, Mike
  6. Sometimes I have a problem opening, File Explorer, Updates and Security, and the DVD player won’t start when I put a DVD in it. If I click on File Explorer, it will eventually open maybe in a minute or two, but normally it opens instantly. I noticed that when this occurs, I also can not Update and Security. The page opens, but I can not open any of the items on the left side of the screen such as Windows Updates, Windows Defender, Backup , Activation, or For Developers. At this same time, if I open the DVD player and put a DVD in it, it will not open the program or whatever is on the disc. There may be other items that will not open / work, when this problem occurs, but these are the ones I notice. At this time, I CAN get on the internet with no problem, I can open Outlook 2016 and get my emails with no problem. It “SEEMS” like everything else works properly except these three items. The rest of the time the computer with Windows 10, runs great. It boots to the desktop in 25 seconds. It is a new Dell Optiplex with the I7 4790 processor. It came with Windows 8.1, but I did a clean install to Windows 10 back on Feb. 12th. When these problem occurs I check Task Manager, and everything looks OK there. It seems like this problem occurs the first hour or so after I start the computer, but not 100% sure of that. I have removed Malwarebytes Premium thinking that was the problem, no luck. I have check my update history after the problem goes away to see if there was a huge update downloading, but nothing. I am ready to do another clean install to Windows 10, but I am afraid the problem will be back. I can’t understand why 90% of the computer works great at this time, and only File Explorer, Windows Update, and the DVD player won’t open the program or game etc. It seems like there is something else running somewhere, but like I said when I check Task Manager, there is really nothing out of the ordinary. In fact I have already checked Task Manager and the Hard Drive was at 100%, but the computer was fine. Everything opened properly. Totally confused. Any suggestions, please, Mike
  7. jumper---Thanks for the reply. I am using EDGE, in windows 10. Not sure which version it is, but I usually have the NEWEST updates. I did not change any "setting". Not sure I know what you are referring to. What setting would you suggest I change. Mike
  8. Tripredacus---Thanks for the reply. I just have a simple word document typed up, no colors or text formatting. I Highlight the words, Right click and choose COPY, then I go to the thread I started and right click and choose Paste, but nothing happens. I also get that message that you posted about "Because of your browser settings...." Mike
  9. I wrote up a long description of my computer problem in Microsoft Word. I planned to do a Copy / Paste to a thread here, but I can't paste it here. If I click on that Word icon at the top that says paste from Word, I am able to get it posted to the "box that appears" but i can't get it posted to a thread I want to start. What am i doing wrong ? Thanks, Mike
  10. I see my Favorites in Edge, but they are messed up...not in order, I see some folders, then single items, and then more folders. I had all my favorits saved to a flash drive, and then I copied them to the regular place I used to in Internet Explorer. Then I did the Import them to Edge. That worked for a while, then they got messed up again. Then i found out that Edge stores the favorites in another location, so I found that location, and copied them there. No good...still messed up. I Googled the problem, and it seems many people have the same problem with their favorites, some even disappear. At least I have them saved to a flash drive. Is there a solution to this Favorites problem, YET. Thanks, Mike
  11. I have a screen shot saved as a Word document on my desktop, but do not know how to attach it here.
  12. MTDirector...Thanks for the reply. I followed your instructions. When I came to Namespace, there were about 25 numeric and alpha items after it. At the botto of those 25 items I did see "DELEGATEFOLDERS", so I deleted it. I did not see any option to Save or anything, so I rebooted the computer. No change, I still see the flash drive listed twice. Any suggestions on what I did wrong ?
  13. Update.....I tried another flash drive, and that flash drive is also listed twice in File Explorer. I then tried those two flash drives in another computer also running Windows 10. Same result. I then tried those two flash drives in the wife's computer running windows 8.1 The two flash drives only showed up once as they should. what is the problem with Windows 10 showing the droves twice ? Thanks, Mike
  14. Running Windows 10 for a while, but now when I insert a 64 Gig flashdrive, I see it listed twice in File Explorer. I see this: ADATA UFD (L:), then I see the five folders that are on this flashdrive, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Music, and Pictures. Then there is a space, and then I see the exact same listing. I know the 5 folders take up over 43 Gig of space, so the folders can't be on the flash drive twice, since the flash drive is only 64 gig. suggestions please. Mike
  15. Thanks Richie614a for the reply. mike