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  1. Hi guys, I am wanting to install 64bit XP in full unattended mode. I've been waiting for XPCREATE for months now and pretty much given up on waiting for my username and password. What annoys me is he changed the website so you had to login but then gave nobody access! - at least he should of made the previous version available. Can anyone recommend anything? Cheers Rich --------------- 64bit Athlon 3400+ / 1GB Consair / 240Gb SATA Just launched - FREE PAYPAL CASH! Join the wave!!
  2. Just a followup on this, I'm trying to install Studio MX 2004, thus installing everything. I did the setup.iss file and its works for 99% of the installation, dw, freehand, etc etc except its prompting me for the flash installation, puts a tick in the box, click ok and off it goes and finishes my installation. the setup.iss file does not seem to have an answer for the flash installation - hence the prompt. ?????????? anyone else got a setup.iss file that works with studio mx?
  3. yeah i'm hunting for this one too!!
  4. well lets hope he adds it to the next version.
  5. There is a tool that comes with the server 2003 resource kit called dvdburn.exe or something like that but i'm sure thats correct. that will burn out the iso direct to DVD. Nero never really worked for me, could'nt get the DVD bootable. i use xpcreates ISO image and burn that directly to DVD. Works a treat
  6. Arr excellent, yes i agree with the thread, there should be a autoit script section just like a aplication switches thread at the top there, which may i add has proved to be very interesting!!
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how to install win blinds 4 silently? Perhaps a ini file for reg key? I've searched high and low for this pain in the butt with no success. Cheers
  8. well if xpcreate does not do what i need it to do, i will edit it to do what i want it to do. anyway no matter, i will just use the command line to burn out the iso image it creates, just makes life easier for xpcreate to do it all in 1 step thats all. i'm sure xpcreate creator will add this feature in his next version. (fingers crossed?)
  9. ignore my previous error, it works now??? must of been my pc screwing up!! i'm going to edit my xpcreate to use dvdburn now. thanks for this advise!! - i get on now makin my ultimate build DVD!!! cheers
  10. I downloaded the 2003 resource kit from microsoft and installed. i ran dvdburn e: xpcreate.iso /erase which gave me the error message erasing media... erasing a dvd+rw media is not a supported option ((not nessesary)) so i thought i'd try dvdburn e: xpcreate.iso ie without the /erase option and that seemed to work, and proceeded to format my dvd and then wrote the disk out!! having just tested it now, it tries to boot and i get a memory overflow error!! ideas anyone? i think this maybe a nice option to add to xpcreate in the next version maybe add an option into xpcreate.ini......maybe?? MEDIATYPE=CD OR MEDIATYPE=DVD and then use either CDBURN or DVDBURN progies to do the burn?
  11. Hi, I wiped out xpcreate and started again and just let it download what it wanted and seemed to work all ok, just burned it out the a CDRW and it worked fine - booted ok. I want to burn the iso to a DVD+RW, nero won't let me. As i want to add office 2003 etc etc Can u use a program like winiso or isobuster to convert the iso to a dvd complient iso?
  12. Hi, I've had simular trouble, when XPCREATE runs and downloads SP2, it merges SP2, then SP1 over the top!! What shall i do wipe out and start again? I downloaded a new xpcreate but it was still dated 11th june. ????????
  13. arr, thats interesting, i was using nero express, not nero full. ok dude thanks. i've followed your instructions to the letter, lets hope it works. ta
  14. Hi Folks, I used XPCREATE today to make myself my latest XPCREATE.ISO. Is there a way to convert the ISO so its writes to a DVD. As the ISO is bootable, nero does'nt seem to have an option to make a DVD data disk bootable. So i wondered if there was a way of converting the ISO created to a DVD complient ISO?? and leave it open session so i can dump more files on the disk, ie office 2003 install files? Thanks
  15. sorry to be more clear the error was setup cannot continue manifest parse error ??