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  1. Not completely, that of Windows 10 changes color when we pass the mouse over it
  2. Will anyone have the default start menu button of Windows 10 ? Or if it's possible to add an option to keep the original button of Windows 10 Thanks
  3. Thanks so much Tihiy Let Windows track app launches to improve Start and search results, I think ?
  4. Up And with the 2.0.6 and W10 Creator Update, I have a small bug, I have the option "Keep and display programs recently opened" which unchecked alone (after a reboot, installing Kaspersky for example) but it is random Thanks
  5. Hello When I pass the mouse cursor on the icon of the start menu or click on it, it does not change color as with the start menu by default Is it "wanted" or is it a bug ? Thanks
  6. I looked on several PCs, I did not "switch user" with the original start menu of Windows 10 (but I have this option if I add a 2nd user) A small "bug", so
  7. I have Switch user and lock computer I only have "lock" with the start menu of Windows 10 I was thinking about a bug, because with TH2, I did not switch user
  8. Possible to know if this is a "bug" or is it normal ? I do not have it with the Start menu of Windows 10 Thanks
  9. Possible to know if this is a "bug" or is it normal ? From memory, I do not have it with the Start menu of Windows 10 Thanks
  10. Ok, the StartIsBack directory is in ProgramData (for me) and the other folder for these files in the AppData\Local directory. I would have preferred to have all the files in the same directory
  11. In the StartIsBack directory (Installation directory) ?
  12. Thanks so much for this update Is it not possible to put the Cache folder in the StartIsBack directory? Or if this "folder" is mandatory? (not present in the previous version) And also, I always have the "change user" option in the start menu while there is only one user with my Windows 10 1607 Thanks
  13. Okay, thanks
  14. With this beta, I have these files in temp directory, normal ? Thanks