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  1. Okay, thanks
  2. With this beta, I have these files in temp directory, normal ? Thanks
  3. Hello It's always the version 1.3.3 ?! And this version and Windows 10 anniversary, I have "switch user" option in the menu while I am the only user (I do not have this option with Windows 10 TH2) Thanks
  4. Hello With the latest version of SIB and Windows 10 anniversary, I have "switch user" option in the menu while I am the only user (I do not have this option with Windows 10 TH2) Thanks
  5. Thanks Tihiy, I'll test
  6. I think it is related to the StartIsBack64.dll With this latest release, it is "launched" (this was not the case with the previous version)
  7. Hello Since the latest version I always "StartIsBack Pin Menu" option that comes back I disable this option with Windows 10 Manager, but it comes back (I do not know if it's after a reboot or other) Thanks
  8. Ah yes, it's true Thanks EDIT: The buttons Documents, Images, etc ... does not work in this window (save image as...)
  9. It does not work for everything (right click "save image as" for example)
  10. Thanks so much
  11. Yes I know, but the libraries are below the disk (not the middle) and it does not work in some window (click on Document does not work for example)
  12. Hello It would be possible to have the library in the window "pop up" The one that opens when we want to download a file from IE for example (button => save as) Thanks
  13. Do you know how to remove "Availability: Available offline"? I found for directories (in regedit) but not for folders Thanks
  14. Hey, thank you for your patience! It's been a long week of work but now it's finally a weekend so I finally sit at my PC and fixed the problem! Here's an updated tutorial: How to Move Details Pane to Bottom on Windows 10 without Memory Patching and shell32.dll Modifying (This was made possible by MrGRiM's modified version of shellstyle.dll of his VS.) First of all, download modified UI files combined into one resource file: .In File Explorer, open the folder where all of the visual styles are available by default on Windows: %windir%\Resources\Themes.Navigate to the visual style's you want to modify parent folder (the only one by default is “aero”). Then navigate to: Shell >> NormalColor.Open shellstyle.dll with Resource Hacker.Open MUI section and delete resource you'll find there by Ctrl + DOpen SHELL32_UIFILE section and delete every resource from it by Ctrl + D (please, be careful and stop when the last resource from this section gets deleted and whole section disappears).In the Menu Bar choose Action >> Add from a Resource file (<...>) and navigate to the .RES file you downloaded at the beginning. Choose it.In the opened dialog mark Check/Uncheck checkbox and click Import button.Save modified shellstyle.dll somewhere easily reached and then replace the unmodified version of it (before doing this, make sure to make a backup of the unmodified version).Change visual style to the default one and then choose the VS you've just modified. Details Pane shall now be on bottom. Hello Thanks for this I do not have a "SHELL32_UIFILE" section in shellstyle.dll If I understand, in shellstyle.dll, I delete the MUI section and I add the SHELL32_UIFILE section (downloaded with your link) in shellstyle.dll ? Thanks for your help EDIT: its' good
  15. Hello With Windows 10, I have a small problem, when I launch a program (shortcut in All Programs), some do not appear in the list "recently opened programs" and others appear if I re-launches "explorer.exe"An idea ? And also, I have the avatar of the user account that disappears sometimes Thanks for your help