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  1. Thank you, with these suggested programs I was able to convert my DVD. But eorth to mention that Vidomi did not offer me to convert from .IFO or .VOB files so I had to use FlaskMpeG. For the first time it crashed but on the second try was the conversion successful. So we have not found the ideal solution (only one program without need of external codecs) but it is a working solution.
  2. Oh, my god, you really think I didn't use Google?
  3. Please, advise me some program for converting video DVD discs into AVI videos. I know I can use a Mencoder for example, but do you know something more user friendly? I tried about ten programs but none worked under Windows98 (even not with KernelEx)
  4. The last chance is to try the VESA drivers from VBEPM project by Bear Window. here
  5. Works great for me! Thanks for it. I was able to succesfuly run Google earth with it. (It didn't work for me with previous versions of KernelEx)
  6. I am using the czech version of Windows98 SE. Is it safe to use the SP 3.0 on it? Or I have to switch into english version? And can install SP 3.0 over KernelEX?
  7. Which client can I use for connecting into DC++ network under Windows98?
  8. Does anobody know why exactly can't be Windows 98 installed from FreeDOS? Is there any patch for it?