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  1. I was thinking that i was running them in elevated mode, im telling the scripts to run as administrator, by right clicking on them. and again i just get the same problem. Im not too sure about using that "VISTA32 hotfix-TOOL" because im running the 64bit version (sorry if thats got nothing to do with it, im assuming because it says vista32 that its 32bit)
  2. hi guys, i need a bit of help i have followed the instructions down to Integrate.cmd when i run this and get to the part where it is trying to mount install.wim, it fails because it says access is denied, i have tried to take ownership of the install.wim, and the containing folder useing "takeown" in cmd and from the properties window for both again, and i cant seem to get access, the file and the folder both claim to be in my ownership, but it will not work. Thanks.