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  1. i test: res hacker, Resource Tuner, XN Resource Editor. My system: Vista Ultimate SP1 x64 Boot.wim : Vista Ultimate SP2 X64 There are no problems with SP1 x64 ... the error only with SP2 x64
  2. i tested "Drag and drop" but not work .... work only with "XN Resource Editor" but obsolete software
  3. res hacker I am not from errors but when I open the file I do not show anything (blank page) ... only with of VISTA SP2 .... SP1 with no problems with all the software and 2 Luckid ( google )
  4. res hacker ...not error ..BUT... white page not edit !.... mmmm azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  5. excuse but not understand Im Italian ( google ) Luckid
  6. Not work on Vista SP2 .Wim ( boot.wim/spwizimg.dll ) whit Resource Tuner 1.99 error on open file Luckid