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  1. anyone know how?? i've tried alcohol 120% and daemon-tools but it give me the BSOD
  2. thank ... i got it working now here's the guide .. feel free to made it sticky first make a file named sysprep.inf and save it it a:\ (with your sata/raid driver disk) paste this into sysprep.inf (change the value to suite you) [sysprepMassStorage] PCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3376=A:\WinXP\fasttx2k.INFPCI\VEN_105A&DEV_3373=A:\WinXP\fasttx2k.INFthen install the driver by pressing F6, after that keep on pressing CTRL key. if u did everything right you should see a cmd promt and run setup.exe /noreboot (do not close the cmd promt) after the install finish enter msdinst a:\sysprep.inf c:\windows you should see a message saying image update succeful if do did everything right
  3. i boot setup from cd and use F6 method . The setup read the drive and copy file, but after the restart and 1st boot it give me the error and wont boot. Can anyone help me out?? Thanks