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  1. Thanks!!
  2. Hi... i need to know the list of files that are modified when you install Vista Transformation Pack. I already ''googled'' and tryed to search in many places.. nothing... Thanks for the help... PS: Sorry for my languge but i'm just a 16 Years old Portuguese...
  3. Hey... so meny views and no replyes??? Cumps...
  4. Hi... i wanna know how to change the text in the bluescreen that apeers after the boot of the instalation CD/DVD of Windows Xp Pro SP2... Thanks... PS: Sory for my language but i'm just a 16 Years Old Portuguese...
  5. Hi!

    Hi! My real name is Paulo, and i'm from Portugal. In this forum i've learn lots of new things and i love beeing part of this comunity. I have 16 Years and i love computers.... Thats me! PS: Sorry for my english but i'm just a 16 years old Portuguese... lol!