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  1. Thanks David .. Looking The Video.
  2. Thanks For Reply Tripredacus . But at second sysprep i am not generalizing. Means i have to generalize at second sysprep,but then i will lost installed drivers,if i am not mistaken Thanks in Advance.
  3. I am Bit Confused. .Please Help Me Following is My Senerio...... 1 Installed W7Prof in virtual machine. 2 At OOEB reverse to Audit Mode.(ctr+Shift+f3) 3 Installed all basic softwares which required for various type of customers. 4 Run Updates. 5 Sysprep machine with Generalize,Audit and unattended.xml then Shut down. 6 Captures this Drive which became my Master image. 7.Now i deploying this image to various type of desktop laptops etc . 8.After deploying, in Audit mode installed drivers Antivirous etc.Then Sysprep to OOBE and Shifted system to End User. Now my question is can i capture Image after Step No.8 and deploy this image to another Same model like follpwing. Suppose My Master Image is XYZ Now Laptop Model A Laptob Model B and Laptod Model C with All different Hardware . Deployed Master image XYZ On laptop A, Installed Drivers . Recaptured this image which Named to XYZA. Then when ever i have to work On Laptop Model A i simply deploy XYZA image to that laptop,XYZB On Model B etc. Thanks in Advance .... :D
  4. Many Thanks For Update list .........
  5. Did You Try without unattended.xml
  6. What i understand from all this posts i am attatching one of my favorite theme.Just try it . MY_FAVORITE_THEME.rar
  7. Look Here my last session file. I have installed lots of drivers for sata,display,wireless,lan,sound,etc . Still i have no problem. But all my drivers are pulled from actual systems with the help of Driver Magician. And Obviously Intel,ATA,and NVIDIA Textmode Sata from Fernando 1 .... Still i have no problem while instillation. Time is also any thing between 18 to 22 minutes to boot from cd to Final desktop. R50270909DC.ini
  8. Hi b3l Just look at my attached LAST SESSION.INI. I have integrated various drivers which i pulled up from many system by driver magician. LAST_SESSION.INI
  9. This advice is not easy to understand.What are "windows drivers"? Do you mean the Windows OS in-box drivers (no need to integrate them) or a special Windows PnP driver? Which driver for which device should additionally been integrated? i use only Intel_textmode_drivers_32bit_v8.2.3.1001_repacked_by_Fernando. without any problem on various type pg M/b and laptops/notebooks