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  1. Slackware fits in a cd, and its structure is completely different from the others I think that one of my main problems is to try to make both x86 and x64 versions fit in the same dvd, because the disc structure is the same and files have the same name in both (except install.amd and install.i386, perhaps only with adding one of those it would work) The gentoo disk has got only one folder, isolinux (with other files than the "common ones", like memtest) and the other files are in the root; so gentoo shouldn't be hard to merge into this cd Thanks for the extra info, i'll do some research tomorrow
  2. Thank you I'm trying to make a multiboot dvd with Debian (both x86 and amd64 versions), Gentoo, Slackware and Kubuntu... Should I kinda merge them (with merge i mean follow the original structure of all distros)or will they work if i re locate the files?
  3. I'm having trouble while making the iso with mkisofs, is there any alternative?