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  1. Yep. I just try to change this "Windows is loading..." text without change in any file (copyrights) I try - I have only pl-pl folder: \boot\pl-pl\bootsect.exe.mui - still english text... BCDEdit.exe. also works without Vista? AFAIK bcdedit can change boot option off installed OS... Best regards MR
  2. Anyone know what happens when I replace bootmgr.exe.mui from ie. PL-pl folder to US-us? This also change "Windows is loading files..." text to ie. PL version?
  3. Thx BTW - Hii to all in this board. 2001 is best solution also for testing latest PC - offers best stability from all version 3DMarks (in loop mode, 24/7 work) But ad rem : I try to find on this forum working solutions and working links for unnatended instalation for Winamp 2.95. All which I find gets me 404 or similar Can you help me? Greetz MR
  4. -R switch does not work becouse 3DMark2001SEb330.exe is not InstallShield aplication :-) First extract (decompress) this file using ie. WinRAR and then run Setup.exe -R. Works 100%. Greetz MR