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  1. Someone asked me in december if i will release a new version of the package. I said to him that i will see during the christmas holidays. So with a delay, i made the update. No WM11 yet. thank you always to keep interest for these packages A+
  2. i added WMLite.ini and WMLite11.ini The .exe files don't need to be name WMLite.exe or WMLite11.exe, only the .ini files. I will update QTLite as soon as possible.
  3. @ZileXa filesave looks good with File Statistics or Project Statistics... I will see.
  4. rename QTLite.ini in WMLite11.ini rename [QTLite] section in [WMLite] That should work. I have not yet verified.
  5. I use NSIS for better customization. 7zip is good if there are no interaction with installer but output pack is smaller. QTLite yeap %ProgramFiles% is not working (for the moment ?) QTLite.ini must be in the same folder as QT installer. No command line option. QTLite work great... Cool WMLite11 M6 Clip is working for me. (exept "Le papa pingouin" & "Suzy vend des fleurs" & "Viens que j'te borde") Microsoft "Exchange Unplugged" preview and entire show are working. I think that it must be a conflict between WM10 and WM11. My install is fresh, i never install WM10Lite, only WM11Lite.
  6. I don't know exactly but in the package there is as always only the codecs. All possible new features of the player are not added. The pack should be equivalent to the old.
  7. I made a try on WMLite 2.2.0 Alpha
  8. QTLite 2.2.0 is updated. If bug, tell me.
  9. I updated QuickTime 7.1 in TTPack 2.2. No update in RealMedia or i didn't found them.
  10. @ZileXa Ok il will update this. @dzjepp I know it work fine with k-lite... The history of this pack is to install only the minimum.
  11. Could you look for: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TTPack] "Language"=??? If it exist, this value is use when you want to install TTPack without ini file. So could you try this ? Remove language value Run TTPack without ini file or /S argument You must have a selection language frame What is the default language selected? I hope this is English.
  12. If firefox is not installed in this folder "C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\" If someone use opera the folder is not "C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\" So I can't put by default the file in this folder. Then I decided to put it in TTPack folder. If you want to install plugin in "C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox" use ini file.
  13. @ZenLord I never tested package on W2k. So maybe some others files are missing. Somebody have already try successfully with W2K? I updated TTPack to 2.1.0 : -Now there is only one file. No more addon pack for language. -I integrated English, French and German in the Pack -More option in the ini file (like output folder...) -The pack works now in GUI non-silent mode. (NSIS Setup) - /S or ini file for silent install. -I add Start Menu entries (can be remove with the ini file) -I hope there is no bug... I add RapidShare Mirror. I can produce WMLite in the same way if you want.
  14. i never add registry keys and i never have problems. someone else have or have not this problem?
  15. @CoRoNe it is not mine. In this pack, i think that there are encode WMV codec. @Dobby i know, my host is very fluctuating. I will see if i can put the files elsewhere. @dmiranda Normaly this hotfix is included in last TTPack. Check WMP.dll file version. Must be