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  1. Wow. All went perfectly. My raid array is as it was before. nLite rules. Fernando rules. Thanks very much.
  2. Greetings Fernando, Just a couple quick questions. Thanks very much for this thread btw. Excellent info! I will be using nlite to integrate SP2 into XP home oem (no service packs) along with NVraid drivers. The RAID array will be 2 SATA drives. I am having the usual constant restart problems after installing NVRaid driver using the F6/Floppy disk method. I'm not sure what NVRaid driver version I am is the version that comes with nForce version 5.11 1 - My board is an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (MS-7025). nForce3 ultra chipset. I have upgraded to the latest board bios available (version 1.D) however, the NVRaid bios that comes with the board bios is version 4.81. Anyway to update to raid bios only? 2 - If I'm not able to update the raid bios, I should follow the steps to use the unofficial 6.95 drivers correct. 3 - If updating the raid bios is possible, would you recommend upgrading this and using the newest drivers over staying with 4.81 and the legacy drivers? Lastly 4 - In your experience with using nlite, have u ever removed Windows Messenger? If so, any problems afterward? Thank you very much for your time. Your research has proven invaluable. I just got a new processor and was hoping to stretch the life of my current setup a few more years. I was beggining to think that was not possible with my raid setup not able to work. Ryan