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  1. Hi everybody ! First of all this is my first post....After looking around many threads a question came to my mind. I know there is 4 or 5 different types of installer for applications, each of them working with different switches. I've read the Unattended guides a million times and apparently everybody seem to install their Apps in default folder (X:\program Files\...). The fact is I don't like too much the big mess I got when doing this : some apps will install in their own folder i.e. C:\Program Files\Winamp while some others will install in a folder with the name of their editors i.e. C:\Program Files\ToniArts\EasyCleaner . On my computer, I usually structure my folders like this : i.e. C:\Tools\ C:\Tools\Video\ C:\Tools\Video\MediaPlayer\ C:\Tools\Video\Encoder\ C:\Tools\System\AntiVirus\...etc. Voila, I would like to know if there is way to do Unattended silent installs, choosing the destination folder for my apps. Or maybe do I have to do scripts with AuoIt for each one of them ? Because i'm bored with reinstalling XP and spending days to reinstall all and I decided to take the time to make my own unattended XP DVD. As i'm a noob, most of the scripts i see is Chinese language for me but I want to hang on and go step by step until I get comfortable with all this. And for me the first step is to know if what I ask for is possible, if not I will simply take the time to do a clean install of all and make a Ghost in case my PC crashes...but I'm indeed very instereted in doing all these tweaks and custom installs I see on this site. So if someone could be kind enough to answer me, be sure I would really appreciate any help. I hope I don't get too boring .... Thanks. Newbie Kayrl.
  2. Hi everybody at MSFN ! I'd like to introduce myself because i am a polite man as my mother taught me(...) I'm totally new to customizing an OS so deeply and it's really hard to find good reliable informations in French but : Voilà !! I've found you. Just to say that all people here are doing a **** great job !!! There's so much knowledge inside this forum, it's frightening ! MSFN is definitely the best forum I've found since a looonng time and i'm now proud to be a member ! Please, as i am French i would like to apologize for my poor English so don't blame me Have a nice day and thanks again.