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  1. Welcome Dude !
  2. Hi iam new to this community , and now iam going to tell some things about myself heh Well iam Maickel , iam from The Netherlands living in a city called Venlo. My interest is basicly almost everything what has to do with computers or other things related to it well further i like going out and drink some beers in the pub or whatever , iam also a freak of FPS shooters like the quake series they just totally Pwn , so i just like socializing with other people in real life and second life xD. I have a fulltime job working as a Logistics & Facility Manager. I think that was a short but powerfull introduction of myself XD Cheers !
  3. Well i got myself a retail version of vista ultimate x86 . is there anyway that i could backup my license and activation ? without making a image of my hardrive etc...