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  1. It might be good to try to fix it. I made a new ISO and left system restore and all that in there, so I don't need it right now. Other people might need it though. WinAMP installs even though it brings up the error but I couldn't get the SQL Server 2005 installer to even come up. BTW, thanks for your work.
  2. I still have problems when installing some applications, WinAMP and SQL Server 2005 for example. Is this patch supposed to fix that?
  3. I made 2 ISOs and those were the only changes. It works with them but not without...... I dunno Edit: After hours of trying, I have everything removed except Volume Shadow Copy. As soon as i remove that IIS won't install anymore. Thank god for vmware
  4. It has to do with Volume Shadow Copy, System Restore, Windows Backup. I used the same settings except with these not removed and it works fine.
  5. [information] Version = 1.1 beta on 2.0.50727.312 Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6000.0 Target = Windows Vista BUSINESS 64-bit [Compatibility] KMPlayer Halo 2 Aero Glass Internet Explorer Internet Information Services Windows Performance Index [Components] ;# Accessories # Snipping Tool Welcome Center ;# Languages # Japanese Korean Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese ;# Multimedia # Windows Media Player ;# Network # MSN Installer ;# Services # Remote Registry Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) Volume Shadow Copy ;# System # Malicious Software Removal Tool Manual Install (Setup.exe) Security Center System Restore Windows Backup Windows Defender Windows Easy Transfer [Options] UAC (User Account Control) = Disabled Power scheme = High performance Hibernation = Off Show hidden files and folders = Yes Show extensions for known file types = Yes
  6. I checked the box to keep IIS but every time I try to install it, it errors and won't install. I'm not sure what I am removing that's causing it. I tried it with vLite 1.1 beta and 1.0. I remove a lot of the stuff I don't use. Accessibility, WMP, languages, etc. I tried doing it 3 or 4 times but still have the problem of IIS erroring when I try to install it. Thanks