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  1. Activation and SP2 Blocker

    this may seem silly but can't you just make a new XP CD from the corp version and add SP2 to that or maybe a network install folder.
  2. Personnaly the best deployment software you can find is Altiris. It is expensive but personnaly the easiest to deploy hundreds of PC's\servers. you can give it a try for 30 days, it takes a while to setup, but once done there's not alot it won't do.
  3. Virus trying to get it

    Tools like Visual Route can help you figure out where in the world they are coming from. online tool Hexillian is usefull for finding out domain information i.e. ISP info, who owns the IP, who to send abuse reports to etc. Or try SamSpade same again just different layout, they also have a tool you can download
  4. Shadow Copies

    It would save the info where you specify. this might help a bit shadow copies
  5. BETA testing

    I do a few now and then (if they ask nicely )
  6. Windows Desktop Manager

    Microsoft actually have made one, it's one of the power toys for XP, works quite well, adds 4 seperate desktops, very similar to Linux.
  7. Have you installed/uninstalled the adminpak. I had a similar problem once because I had installed the adminpak on 2K and then upgraded to 2K3. try installing the adminpak for 2K3 hopefully it will work failing that try the Group policy managment console.
  8. router probs

    Have you performed an upgrade on the router? have you tried resetting the router back to factory settings?
  9. What's Up gold from Ipswitch is quite good. Big Brother from Quest Software is ok as well I believe there is a product called nagios (open source so it's free)
  10. WUS

    Just a quick question In AD are the computers in the default Computers or have you moved them over to an OU. The only reason i ask is because we had a similar prob as soon as we moved the comps to an OU the updates started to work..
  11. Sysprep Win2k MUP.SYS

    im not 100% sure but I thought sysprep will only work on identical hardware, or at least only maybe different ram installed. have you tried adding all the drivers etc to the setup ::EDIT:: Do you have any USB devices?? I just had a look around alot of people seem to put the mup.sys problem down to USB Devices, try taking it out or check it is on the HCL (Hardware compatability List) at microsoft.
  12. Network Anti Virus

    if you want Enterprise this is one of the best but expensive Sophos Symantec make one that's OK but no trial version that i can find.
  13. User Accounts

    This might help MCSE World
  14. Windows XP SP2 installation

    try this linkN-Lite I have used this before, you can remove everything you don't need..
  15. Wireless - DNS Errors

    Shouldn't be (allways a possibility) but normally more to do with the config. Can you give us more details on your wireless setup, are you using wep? what channel does it run on?, are you using the netgear configuration utility or windows? are you using static IP or DHCP? Please give as much info as poss on everything, cos it's probably just a simple setting somewhere that you have missed.. Just a case of trial and error