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  1. I Searched for "0x0000008E" and saw a lot of pages about Rustock B. Rootkit.
  2. Using your XP CD, reboot into the recovery console and type "disable pe386" and then reboot again.
  3. I'm using NOD32 antivirus and the regular ol' Windows firewall, but I don't know anything about firewalls. Is it any good? I'm thinking of installing Sygate. Would you rather have Sygate or the Windows one? Or both?
  4. I'm using Outpost which seems to be okay, but I wouldn't really know. I'm about to try comodo.
  5. Hi everyone. I loved converting my 2003 server to a workstation so much that I decided to sign up for your site. Hopefully the rest of the site is as informative as that guide.