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  1. Can't get how to install Windows Search. There aren't neither Features nor roles and the installer won't run. Please advice. I do have however Windows Search service left from Server 2003 upgrade, but it's not operable.
  2. Just installed RC0 x64, can't find bcdedit.. Does it exist there?
  3. Red Barchetta, could you tell in detail what issues you had both with slipstreamed and simply installed hotfixes? Arie, actually slipstreamed distribution takes more place as all of hotfixes still land to svcpack folder. I even had to throw away LANG folder to fit the integrated I386 and MUI. 500 of HDD space makes no point, just think about Vista. Uninstallation capability is even better as you can erase $NTUninstall folders at any time and besides you can also uninstall anything that could found to be problematic.
  4. I wonder if there is any sense integrating hotfixes as soon as even the "integrated" ones are added to T-13 phase. I manually integrated ~70 updates and still see all of them in the [setupHotfixesToRun] section. What do they do there? Managing the distributive share becomes a mess as more updates are added. It grows twice the size of integrated updates.