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  1. How do i downgrade my OEM XP64 to XP32?

    My Haugpauge (spelling) PVR 250 has no drivers
  2. Hello, i am aware that microsoft allows for the downgrade of certain products if they are OEM. I wish to downgrade from XP pro 64bit edition to XP32 pro. Does anyone know the steps i need to take or what department of microsoft to contact in order to do this? Thanks (this was an OEM copy purchased from new egg)
  3. Link to Lecture in MP3 btw, this is not mine, this is Ketteringo's teacher from AT
  4. Microsoft does not own excel

    Funny if i do say so myself
  5. Yahoo or MSN?

    i like the opensource miranda
  6. Norton Antivirus2002

    Just download Antivir, its freeware, requires no registration, great detection rate according to spywareinfo, and uses less system resources than Norton antivirus. see my review here. Chart of ram usage side by side, here.
  7. P2P / Antivirus

    for filesharing apps, see PepiMK's Article (the maker of spybot) for antivirus, i reviewed 11 antivirus products, freeware and non freeware, it includes detection rates and memory usage. Link to Antivirus Review Roundup i would reccomend the freeware antivir, according to spywareinfo, it has a better detection rate than AVG and also does not require you to register it and enter keys like AVG.
  8. 600 lb Woman Grows to Couch

    sorta, her skin merged with the fabric, remember, they had to surgically remove it. Given an extended period of time, your skin will intertwine with stuff like that