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  1. Hello those days I'm trying to make a multi-boot dvd with this content: - XP Pro (Normal) - spanish - XP Pro Service Pack 2 - spanish - XP Pro Service Pack 2 + Updates + WPI - spanish - Ultimate Boot CD (latest version) - Norton Ghost 12 (with the ability to boot the recovery system) I've readed your guides and I've get the first 3 to work (3 XP + WPI + CDShell), but the problem is that I don't know how to integrate the other two. I want to be able to boot from UBCD folder and the GHOST folder too, from the CDSHELL menu. When I did the Isobuster step (for extracting the boot image) for these two boot images and then tried to open them in hexworkshop, the application showed me an error ' The parameter is not correct'. The same occurs in other hex editors. Also, I dont know what to do with these two boot images... I have this folder structure: ______________________________ BOOT | SYSTEMS | ----------XP ----------XPSP2 ----------XPSP2WPI | SYSTOOLS ----------UBOOTCD ----------NGHOST12 | SOFTWARE ----------*software folders* | *wpi folders* ______________________________ Could you help me please? Thank you very much.