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  1. ah, my bad, I had not run it yet, was just looking at the list of apps. As far as Adobe *Acrobat*, it might be nice to someday have patches included, but it appears that's a bit outside the scope of this program right now. I was looking at this page specifically: In any case, this works very well for me, thank you!
  2. Great idea! Are you able to update it for Adobe Reader 9.3 soon? Also, could patches for Adobe Acrobat be at some point? That would be nice. Thanks for this, I hope you can continue maintaining it!
  3. This probably isn't the right area to ask but... can these steps be used to automate the install of KB905474? I've followed these steps, but the result doesn't have an installer (probably since it's for use with HFSLIP). Any thoughts on that? I'll keep looking around, but I'm trying to figure out a way to deploy this to a bunch of machines. EDIT: answered my own question! Using the unpacked installer and the registry entries in post 73 gets it installed without incident. Thanks anyway!