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  1. [Desktops] 2002

    lynchknot ur links dont work
  2. )--Cool Icons-->

    i found out how to use it. Done it well. I now need to know where to get these icons ( i looked at floods but no good ) .zip desktop internet explorer cursors .doc .xls Graphic Images--->> .bmp .gif .jpg .psd .tif If any one could cheers
  3. [Desktops] 2002

    ok sorry so what do ya think
  4. [Desktops] 2002

    http://www.general-chat.com/uploads/8thi.JPG theme: copywrite from themexp.org wallpaper from themexp.org Images are extremely to big. Keep them down as in babis post or post the link to them.---The Master!!!
  5. Boot up screen?

    thanks for that info but me being the dumb-est one here to hard to read! and understand. black war could you help me as you helped me last time.
  6. Boot up screen?

    Boot up screen whats the best and where do i get it? Also how do i install it?
  7. [Desktops] 2002

    thanks for that Copyright theme its wicked
  8. [Desktops] 2002

    http://www.general-chat.com/uploads/8thofjuly.JPG Image filesize too large, modified post as link. Please remember the desktop rules - Admin
  9. [Desktops] 2002

    Do we have to upload it to site and link it here?
  10. )--Cool Icons-->

    i got told i had to use this program. and i like got icons and want to put them in there all floder icons like a blue floder e.t.c. but i used thi program keep say error e.t.c. ?????
  11. How to install a Theme?

    it does i think ijust downloaded a crap theme that dont work
  12. How to install a Theme?

    its weird the way u said i cant do it i found a way to do it so its cool
  13. How to install a Theme?

    i got a theme i like un ziped it to there then went to chage theme and its not there???? so i went to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\ and thought i would doulbe click on it ans that didnt work. so what shell i do ?
  14. )--Cool Icons-->

    sorry i didnt just found it now cheers
  15. How to install a Theme?

    its ok its my falt just instealled it anit downloaded a them its wicked its like glass the windows cool or what. as u are the only one that can help me how do u bulid them please pm me if ya can cheers