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  1. Interesting enough, after i posted i again created a winxp cd but this time with the older 8.26 drivers, and this time i was able to complete the install problem free! One thing though is that i tried to follow your guide about installing MediaShield by copying the files from the raidtool cab file into windows/system32 but it didnt work. about 1/2 way through the copying process i would get an error saying that one of the files is in use so it couldnt complete. Any suggestions?
  2. This is basically my issue as well..minus the siren part. Went through the usual install procedures with a floppy disk and got BSOD/reboots. I followed the guide in the beginning and made a CD with the drivers from the sataraid subfolder (using 8.43 WHQL driver pack from Nvidia). Went and tried to install again, didnt use F6 and it detected the raid array fine and it went through the installation fine..but to my dismay i got to the same point and BSOD/reboot. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Specs: asus p5n32-e sli plus, e6750, 2gb ram, 2x 75gb raptors, 8800 gtx P.S. My bios has been flashed with the most recent via Asus's website.