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  1. Procedimiento: (Para detalles, referirse al archivo "Ultima sesion.ini" más adelante en este tutorial) Donde esta el archivo "Ultima sesion.ini.? Primer nLite reempaquetado con opciones incluidas: nLite Podrias explicar lo de opciones incluidas. Gracias.
  2. I will add this into my guide or pre-extract the package and link to it. Both is better. I think. Thanks for your help, again.
  3. 6. Use the other options of nLite, if you want. It is a good idea to additionally integrate the Intel INF files drivers named Intel® Chipset Device Software as normal device (=PnP) driver. You can download these INF drivers here. Please explain the step 6. The Intel INF drivers is a archive .EXE. How can integrate this Intel INF drivers? Thank.