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  1. Might be Ifinder or neXplorer onosx-e Findexplorer is a hack not a program i think Aqua-soft Now, to post my desktop
  2. Cool, that worked a treat. Decided to have no prompts so didn't use Default hide. Another small stumbling block on the way to perfection. I want to add YZ Shadow so: added exe and ini into \$OEM$\$Progs wanted to put shortcut into \$OEM$\$Doc\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup but it won't let me create the shortcut as it says the program doesn't exist (it hasn't been created yet so understandable). How might I be able to get around this?
  3. Thanks, thought it might just be something simple. Will give it a go
  4. Hi, sorry if this is a bit of a get my unattended install to work post, but I've been going at this a while but can't make it work. I used nlite to start the process off and then used the unnatended guide to customise it a bit. I put the winnit.sif file into the I386 directory but I don't think it's reffrerd to during the install as it asks me for admin password, network settings etc. also the .cmd file doesn't start etiher. ; ; Generated by nLite 0.99.8 beta 3 ; [Data] MsDosInitiated = 0 UnattendedInstall = Yes [Unattended] UnattendMode =GuiAttended UnattendSwitch =Yes OemPreinstall =Yes OemSkipEula =Yes FileSystem =* WaitForReboot =No NoWaitAfterTextMode =1 NoWaitAfterGUIMode =1 TargetPath =Windows DriverSigningPolicy =Ignore NonDriverSigningPolicy =Ignore Hibernation =No KeyboardLayout="United Kingdom" [SystemFileProtection] SFCQuota =0 [Display] Xresolution =1280 Yresolution =1024 BitsPerPel =32 [GuiUnattended] EncryptedAdminPassword =No AdminPassword ="" AutoLogon =Yes TimeZone =85 OEMSkipRegional =1 OemSkipWelcome =1 [UserData] ProductKey ="" ComputerName =FURBY FullName ="" [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [RegionalSettings] Language =0809 [GuiRunOnce] "%systemdrive%\install\start.cmd"