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  1. I succeed. thanks everyone. I will post my file later. to Astalavista: ÍÐÄãµÄ¸££¬ÎÒÒѾ­²âÊԳɹ¦ÁË¡£¿´µÃ¶®Â𣿠why i prefer resource hacker? It is a "green ware".
  2. I will check right now. I wish it will be ok. thanks
  3. 1. I am using English version and has intergrated with sp2 2. I didnt find winntbbu.dl_ but winntbu.dll 3. I did follw the guaid but I used resourch hacher. 4. The original file is 747kb,but my modified file is 2.59mb. 5. The file can work during xp setup in Vmware.( i didnt check yet after I changed the color)
  4. I have used bbu color changer.exe to change the color, and when reopen changer.exe it showed the text color of winntbbu has changed to new color, but in the xpreview I saw the color didn't changed. Can someone help me to solve the problem?
  5. Is there a space between"". I forgot there is a space or not in my original file that I have deleted. And the appeared eror is "the password is incorrect".
  6. If I dont want to set the Password, How do I modify? Thanks