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  1. Thank you very much spiff, for sharing that tool ! Best regards Greenhorn
  2. I will do it like you wrote, my friend -> installing vista new from a german DVD. I also hope that the Productkey on the label will be accepted from M$ ... Maybe I should try it with Knoppix to get access to the partition. In case it works I can find and copy the programs which are enclosed ... Greetz
  3. Thanx a lot Tripredacus, the notebook is a gift from his brother living in Portugal and so the preinstalled Vista is in portuguese. But my fellow is yet too long here in germany and don't understand what Vista want to say in portuguese ... So I had the idea to install Vista new in a german version but with the delivered HP Software. But if I can't extract the Programfiles from the Recovery partition I have to do it without the applications ... Greetz Greenhorn
  4. Hi, my friend got a HP Notebook with a preinnstalled Windows Vista. There was no Vista DVD in the package, but anyway ... My problem is, that I can't get acces to the Backup/Restore Partition. I've changed the folder options to show all files, folders ans systemfiles, but nothing solved my problem. I'm not so familiar with Vista, so I don't know how to crack the nut ... Is somebody able to help me, please ? Greetz Greenhorn
  5. Hi, I made a German.lng file. If anybody is interested on it ... [code][TfrmMain] actDelete.Caption='&Löschen' actDuplicate.Caption='&Kopieren' actEdit.Caption='&Bearbeiten' Normal1.Caption='&Normal' Database1.Caption='&Database' File1.Caption='&Datei' New1.Caption='&Neu' RunOnceExcmd1.Caption='RunOnceEx.cmd...' XPLode1.Caption='XPLode...' Open1.Caption='&Öffnen' Save1.Caption='&Speichern' N1.Caption='-' MRUItems1.Caption='MRU-Items' N4.Caption='-' Exit1.Caption='&Beenden' Edit1.Caption='&Bearbeiten' Add1.Caption='Hin&zufügen' Normal2.Caption='&Normal' Fromdatabase1.Caption='&von Database' Todatabase1.Caption='&zu Database' Edit2.Action.Caption='&Bearbeiten' Delete1.Action.Caption='&Löschen' Duplicate1.Action.Caption='&Kopieren' Help1.Caption='&Hilfe' Contents1.Caption='&Inhalt' N2.Caption='-' Updatedatabase1.Caption='&Update Database' N3.Caption='-' About1.Caption='&Über...' JvMRUManager1.RecentMenu.Caption='MRU-Items' Panel1.frameRunOnceEx1.Label2.Caption='Programm Pfad:' Panel1.frameRunOnceEx1.Label3.Caption='Zähler:' Panel1.frameRunOnceEx1.Label1.Caption='Titel' Panel1.frameRunOnceEx1.edProgPath.Items.Strings=%cdrom%\,%cdrom%\Apps\,%cdrom%\Install\,%SystemDrive%\,%SystemDrive%\Apps\,%SystemDrive%\Install\ Panel1.frameRunOnceEx1.edTitle.Text='Installiere Programme' Panel1.frameRunOnceEx1.CheckBox1.Caption='CMDOW einbinden' Panel2.lvProg.Columns.(0).Caption='Beschreibung' Panel2.lvProg.Columns.(1).Caption='Datei' Panel2.lvProg.Columns.(2).Caption='Parameter' Panel3.bttnAdd.Caption='Hin&zufügen' Panel3.bttnDuplicate.Action.Caption='&Kopieren' Panel3.bttnDelete.Action.Caption='&Löschen' Panel3.bttnEdit.Action.Caption='&Bearbeiten' Language1.Caption='Sprache' [TfrmAdd] Caption='Befehl hinzufügen' JvCaptionButton1.Caption='?' Label1.Caption='Beschreibung' Label2.Caption='Datei' Label3.Caption='Parameter' bttnAdd.Caption='Hin&zufügen' edParam.Items.Strings=/silent,'-p\"-s /v\"/qn\"\"',/qn,/s,'/silent /noreboot /NO_UI',/qb-,'/verysilent /sp-','/noqp /autoinstall' Button1.Caption='&Abbrechen' [TAboutBox] OKButton.Caption='OK' PageControl1.ActivePage.Caption='Über' PageControl1.TabSheet2.Caption='Version' PageControl1.TabSheet2.ListView1.Columns.(0).Caption='Dateiname' PageControl1.TabSheet2.ListView1.Columns.(1).Caption='Version' PageControl1.TabSheet2.ListView1.Columns.(2).Caption='Grösse' PageControl1.TabSheet2.ListView1.Columns.(3).Caption='Datum' PageControl1.TabSheet1.Caption='Über' PageControl1.TabSheet1.Label5.Caption='eagle00789' PageControl1.TabSheet1.Label4.Caption='Autor:' PageControl1.TabSheet1.Label6.Caption='Danke an :' PageControl1.TabSheet1.Label7.Caption='Alle von' PageControl1.TabSheet1.lblTranslator.Caption='eagle00789' [TfrmFromDatabase] Caption='Add from Database' JvCaptionButton1.Caption='?' Label1.Caption='Beschreibung' Label2.Caption='Datei' Label3.Caption='Parameter' Label4.Caption='Extra Befehl 1' Label5.Caption='Extra Befehl 2' Label6.Caption='Extra Befehl 3' bttnAdd.Caption='Hin&zufügen' Button1.Caption='&Abbrechen' cmbProgram.Items.Strings= cbExtract.Caption='Entpacken' [TfrmToDatabase] Caption='Zur Database hinzufügen' JvCaptionButton1.Caption='?' Label1.Caption='Beschreibung' Label2.Caption='Datei' Label3.Caption='Parameter' Label4.Caption='Extra Befehl 1' Label5.Caption='Extra Befehl 2' Label6.Caption='Extra Befehl 3' bttnAdd.Caption='Hin&zufügen' Button1.Caption='&Abbrechen' cbExtract.Caption='Entpacken' [TframeRunOnceEx] Label2.Caption='Programm Pfad:' Label3.Caption='Zähler:' Label1.Caption='Titel' edProgPath.Items.Strings=%cdrom%\,%cdrom%\Apps\,%cdrom%\Install\,%SystemDrive%\,%SystemDrive%\Apps\,%SystemDrive%\Install\ edTitle.Text='Installiere Programmme' CheckBox1.Caption='CMDOW einbinden'[/code] Greetz Greenhorn
  6. Hi, do you mean this ? Free Firewall Protection Software Best Firewall Computer Security Free Personal Firewall Greetz Greenhorn
  7. Hi there, I want to build an installation of xp from my USB-Stick. (It will be handled on my Mainboard as a harddisk ...) In cause I'm using a RAID0 set on my PC, I want to integrate the RAID Drivers (nForce 4) into the Installation. Now I want to try the Textmode-Method, but I have a little problem, because I also want to integrate the SATA Driver (Silicon Image). I read in the deploy.chm that I'm able to add multiple instances, but -naturally- this is not documented by Ms. Could anybody give me an answer how to do it ? My problem is: I have two txtsetup.oem files -one for the nvraid(RAID) and one for the sil3132(SATA)- and I don't know what to do now. Must I add the entries of the one txtsetup.oem to the other txtsetup.oem or am I able to create Subfolders and set the path in the [OEMBootFiles]-Section to the txtsetup.oem's ? Or is it better to install the Silicon Image SATA Driver over the OemPnPDriversPath. I don't need the Silicon Image Driver at Boot-up, just the nvraid/nvatabus Drivers ! winnt.sif [MassStorageDrivers] "NVIDIA RAID CLASS DRIVER (required)"=OEM "NVIDIA nForce Storage Controller (required)"=OEM "Silicon Image SiI 3132 SATALink Controller for Windows XP/Server 2003"=OEM [OEMBootFiles] idecoi.dll nvatabus.sys nvraid.inf nvraid.sys nvraidco.dll txtsetup.oem SI3132.inf Si3132.sys SilSupp.cpl SiWinAcc.sys TxtSet.oem You can see that I renamed the TxtSet(up).exe in the moment, so don't wonder - it's just temporary renamed til I found a solution ... Greetz Greenhorn Edit: Sorry for this Spam, I found the answer in this thread ...
  8. Hi there, you should use the introdution from MHz ! It's the easiest way to solve the problem. Here the Option for .NET 2 and 3 Setup=install.exe /q TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 Greetz Greenhorn