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  1. i used Proxifier and i got this the proxy server (ISA) is not configured to allow SSL tunnel to port 80. For more information see http://support.microsoft.com/?id=283284
  2. College Network , Wireless Network 802.11g ,with more than 800 users Actually the network for us , in our room not in the college lab Server IP, DHCP, DNS , We use proxy : They use :ISA Server Using :Windows Server Pro Hmm >> they block a lot of thing like MSN Messenger & Yahoo & FTP & P2P indeed right now how to run MSN My PC Windows XP SP2 I tried to use Jap ,Proxifier and Prop. = no use
  3. mickmack what is that file mantispy.exe is it something with Microsoft's AntiSpyware or what cos i wanna use runonceEx
  4. may i know what this mean "%PP%
  5. Ahhhhha that's clear thanx it will work with wallpaper also right
  6. Wow is this english Ineed more explan is this gonna be in bat file or what and where do i have to put SFX all that
  7. SiMoNsAyS could u explan 4 me ur way
  8. i dont know about ur q but could you give me the key.reg that u used and the way off installing
  9. s*** the programe is 8 mb and the update is 9 mb
  10. Thank you Im gonna try it as soon as i can
  11. working with MSI Or not
  12. Thank Astalavista could you explain more what the name of the cap file willl be ??? if i want to put 5 wallpaper what the name of each will be ??
  13. O.K Thank you but if i want the partion will be any what do i have to do ?? like .\\Program Files Or im wrong