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  1. Hi Arie! yeah I know the quality is bad when you transfer the sound from PC speakers to microphone and then to the receiver. But anyways thanks for the reply...I would try streaming the media, but that would be another thing hehe I would love it if anyone knows how to do it with Messenger. Anyways thanks again
  2. Hi, I use Windows Live Messenger. I know how to voice chat with people and all, but I wanna know can I send sounds that I play in my computer (in Winamp etc), to someone I'm chatting to so that they can also listen to it? I've already searched a bit, but found nothing. Can anyone help please?
  3. Hi AllanP I'm also new here and I'm also a Linux user . But not a full-time one hehe I usually use XP So its nice meeting ya See ya!
  4. Hi Everyone ! My name's gastly and I'm new here. I just dropped by to say hi B) I hope I'll learn new things here and make new friends So See Ya All!