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  1. hey everybody, I have some problems to add my msi file on my gpo. I get this error message " add operation failed, unable to extract deployment information from the package. run validation on the package to ensure that the package is correct. this is the source of my config.xml file. <Configuration Product="ProPlus"> <Display Level="full" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="no" AcceptEula="no"></Display> <PIDKEY Value=" "></PIDKEY> <USERNAME Value="Customer"></USERNAME> <COMPANYNAME Value="Lonalo"></COMPANYNAME> <INSTALLLOCATION Value="%programfiles%\Microsoft Office"> </INSTALLLOCATION> <SOURCELIST Value="\\LOBXLEX2\Office"></SOURCELIST> <LIS CACHEACTION="REMOVECACHEONLY" /> <DistributionPoint Location="\\LOBXLEX2\Office"></DistributionPoint> <OptionState Id="OptionID" State="absent" Children="force"></OptionState> <Setting Id="Reboot" Value="IfNeeded"></Setting> <AddLanguage Id="en-us" ShellTransform="yes"></AddLanguage> <AddLanguage Id="nl-nl"></AddLanguage> <AddLanguage Id="fr-fr"></AddLanguage> <Command Path="%sytemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe" Args="/i \\lobxlex2\Office_XP_Pro\PRO.msi" QuietArg="/q" ChainPosition="Befor" Execute="uninstall"></Command> <!--<Command Path="\\lobxlex2\office\setup.exe /config \\lobxlex2\office\ProPlus.WW\config.xml"/> --> </Configuration> can someone please help me with this problem. kind regards Van Impe Jorg