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  1. where in the registy is it?
  2. I have nero 7 addon at my site below if u want it
  3. i didnt know that thus why i said nlite b4 but now i know thnx
  4. sure dont comment me... i see how it is

  5. what im saying is if i use nLite to remove thing on vista and put setting to increase performence
  6. hmm i got AMD 1.2GHz, 640mb ram and 500gb hd should would vista edited wit nLite run as fast as XP or at least close to it
  7. I have a few nLite addons i made that you don't have is there an upload area, or i could sent then to you from MSN or mail then i wont be checking these forums again so mail me or MSN me (i sent this same thing on your website but wit my e-mail)