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  1. FIXED - Blank Start Menu

    I tried that before, and again today and it didn't have any effect. I would just reinstall Vista but I've put lots of software and I copied all my music onto it and that takes lots of time just to fix the start menu.
  2. FIXED - Blank Start Menu

    Well when I started up my laptop today it loaded the start menu just fine, so I don't know what happened Well my laptop came with Vista Home Premium and it's been working fine. About a week ago I let my mom borrow the laptop and now I have none of my pinned programs and the recently used programs won't show up at all. I've tried using the old-style start menu and checking and unchecking the box to remember last opened programs and tried pinning the programs back and reverting to the default. I've googled this but none of the issues seem to be quite the same as this. If I click all programs it will bring up the list and it works fine that way, but it's tedious at times. I do use CCleaner, but I haven't backed it up recently as I've been using it for quite some time, even before Vista and I've never had any problems on Vista or XP with it.
  3. Well, I've tried any and all advice and tips given to me here and on guides I've read all around, and lots and lots of people seem to get this to work for their hardware. I was wondering if anyone has ever used nLite on a laptop SATA drive to install Windows XP Home SP2, even when including drivers from the laptop manufacturer's site and even the motherboard's site, still nothing. I've gone through over 10 CD-R's, and I finally got smart and got a CD-RW. Pretty much I'm asking for anyone that has gotten an Intel Chipset laptop with a SATA drive to use nLite to slipsteam SATA drivers and have the XP install detect their drive to upload the ISO image used to rapidshare or something. I don't care if it's a 5kb/s download, I'm literally spending hours burning discs, reading topics and generally losing sleep over this. It's starting to affect my sanity. There has to be a cure all driver set or something that can be slipstreamed with nLite and work. I can lookup my motherboard model in the morning, but for now I'm going to sleep... Thank you.
  4. nLite Help - Am I doing this right?

    Okay I slipstreamed all those drivers in nLite and burned to a CD-RW, booted from the disc and it still doesn't see the hard drive when I try install XP.
  5. nLite Help - Am I doing this right?

    Well I copied the entire XP SP2 Home Edition disc to C:\XPCD\, then I set C:\XPCD as the Windows Installation location. This is what it shows: Product Name: Windows XP Home Edition Language Pack: English (United States) Service Pack: 2 Version: 5.1.2600.2180 Path: C:\XPCD Size: 552.40MB Then I select Integrate Drivers and Bootable ISO and click, "Next." Then I click, "Insert->Multiple Driver Folder." The drivers for my laptop, a Gateway T-6815, were downloaded from Gateways Drivers and Downloads section and installed into C:\cabs\ and when I selected the drivers folder I selected all of the drivers in the x86 folder. I clicked next and chose to burn the ISO created by nLite to a CD-R and I boot my laptop from the CD and it seems to be running fine, I first just tried letting it run and when I'm asked to select a drive it still says no drives are detected. I even tried pressing F6 and having it detect a source, and it still didn't find the drivers. I have burned discs using nLite, manually editing files in the C:\XPCD\I386\ and even using AutoStreamer and DriverPacks. I just can't get anything to detect my laptops SATA hard drive.
  6. Slipstreaming Failed

    Well, I got a laptop about a month ago, the retail Gateway T-8615, preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium. I wanted to put Windows XP Home SP2 onto my laptop also and without XP supporting SATA drives by default I'm having trouble, and I tried several things. I tried slipstreaming using nLite by adding the drivers I found on the Gateway Downloads section for my laptop specifically. I first tried including the Hard Drive and Motherboard drivers into the ISO created by nLite, and it would boot and I tried pressing F6 and hitting S but it didn't detect the drivers on the disc. I followed instructions given on these forums and on about 6 other ones that were all pretty much the same. I tried it with just the Western Digital Hard Drive drivers and then tried using Autostreamer and DriverPack and the DriverPack packages. All failed to get XP to recognize my SATA drive. I've went through about 7 CD-Rs and I've been reading topic after topic after topic and becoming more and more frustrated. These are some of the guides I've followed word for word and even trying a few different methods and mixing these together: http://www.msfn.org/board/Slipstreaming_Se...ers_t34440.html http://www.msfn.org/articles.php?action=sh...;showarticle=22 All the rest I deleted from my favorites after they didn't work, but I've googled this so many times, concerning nLite, just the XP disc and additional files burnt to an ISO, DriverPacks and Autostreamer. I know this has to be implemented somehow but I can't seem to get results like others. My BIOS has no options to disable native SATA support and I can't find any drivers or anything for the BIOS to flash it or anything. The only options in the Advanced section of my BIOS are: Summary Screen: Enabled Legacy USB Support: Enabled Internal WLAN Power State: Restore Internal BlueTooth Power State: Restore AC Wake On Lan: Disable My BIOS is Phoenix TrustedCore Setup Utility, since I'm on a laptop, using a floppy disc is not an option. I have Nero 6 Ultimate Edition, MagicISO, InfraRecorder, nLite, Autostreamer and DriverPack. If anyone is up to assisting me or offering some tips, it would be greatly appreciated.