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  1. Some questions in addition... In your Update List from 28th September for Windows XP I see only update for msxml6, neither the installer of msxml6 itself nor previous versions / updates of / for msxml. I mean e.g. msxml3, msxml4. Is that correct? Other question is - now there is the folder named X2I (not X2M, as it was earlier). It that correct too? Additionally: What size of distributibe will I get slipstreaming all these updates from 28th September 2007? As I suppose, CD will not match, only DVD? What updates can I exclude from slipstreaming without any problems? IE7, I think, is not excludable, because another way there should be updates for IE6, right? Well, I will wait for your new version for testing and also I would like to get answers to my questions. Thanks in advance, GreenMachine!
  2. Hi! Where can I download your latest "invention"? I visited your site and found updates from 28th September 2007, but it seems that that version of XPCREATE is not acceptable for these new updates...