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  1. Hi, Sorry, I don't quite follow it: Do I need to execute the neroinstall.cmd RIGHT AFTER I copy the file to NERO13820 dir, and then repack? Or should I repack the NERO13820 dir first, and then run the neroinstall.cmd later in GUIRunOnce? Thank you, t_kio
  2. Confirmed, it works! : It's an nLite add-on, afterall.. should've known earlier There's two things, though: - it pops some French installation dialog during Windows setup - the add-on maker leaves a footprint in Add/Remove Programs If you're OK with that, this pack is for you t_kio
  3. Hi, I just found an add-on to this shell-pack, and uploaded it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/60271544/KSCor...don_VI2.7z.html The author, KSCorp, is on French forum site and talks about this at: http://www.win-web.be/forum/index.php?showtopic=10574 I just tested it a minute ago by using RyanVM Integrator, but when the new system loads, there's nothing shown up. Does the add-on still require some scripting? Any idea how I could get this add-on slipstreamed to my XP CD? via nLite, perhaps? Thanks in advance, t_kio