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  1. love it thanks
  2. junior can you provide the link, its not easy reading hundreds of posts...
  3. so can we add a Manufacturer Link after its all done like if it doesnt have the oeminfo.ini etc in the system32 directory can we also add that Manufacturers Link as an addon too ? if so what do we need to do to have something simple.. thanks
  4. I know how to do the oeminfo.ini and the bmp for a logo what about the oemlink.lnk one that I have seen that can be added after like oeminfo.ini etc anyone done that as yet ? or do i ask in a new thread! thanks
  5. Trouble is guys here is some screen shots (only whats needed to be set) its not a matter of how big the quicklaunch bar is but a default one like this that can be set in hundreds of systems if needed clip1 to clip5 is what we normally do clip1 is nobar at all clip2 is properties to turn it on clip3 is now turned on clip4 is the default icons which are crap (should be like in clip5) clip5 is how a standard setup should be so can someone do it I have done so many edits the registry has failed 3x times and I had to reinstall windows 2x anyway thats all I can say I am stumped thanks
  6. so what do we need to create our own themes and then allow others to use them thats why I want to know... see who can answer this question that is the ORIGINAL topic