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  1. I am a newbie to wpi, however I am usually able to figure out programing problems. However, I have tried everything, yet I cannot get wpi.hta to open after windows install. The few times I have gotten wpi to start up, there has not been any of the programs on the screen. When I run wpi.hta before I put create the iso, wpi works fine. However, when I put it onto a cd, nothing seems to work, adn I usually get an error. I am hopong that someone has some suggestions. I am new to using wpi, however I have looked at about everything on this forum. I am using RUN1_XP-64.BAT, which I had added here as RUN1_XP-64.txt, wpi.cmd, and WINNT.SIF. I am using nLite 1.4RC. Please help, I have been trying to get wpi to work for the last few weeks. Now I am also getting a 'Parser Message: Value creation failed " at line 608' Thank you. wpi.cmd WINNT.SIF RUN1_XP_64.txt