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  1. Pepsi.
  2. I could live without google. I use a different default search engine and it's not imperative that I have iGoogle.
  3. Some of us old folks view gaming from a different perspective. A good old rousing game of Solitaire or Tri-Peaks on my favourite gaming website is good enough for me.
  4. SaskTel adsl. up to 5 megabits/second. rarely see over 4.5.
  5. Ex smoker. Quit about 15 years ago.
  6. On the nights I actually get any sleep I have no idea. If I'm tossing and turning, it's to many to count.
  7. none for me as well. even when the war ends I'll be slow in changing.
  8. I like both kinds. country and western. j/k my favourite music is blues. c & w is ok, but not my fav.
  9. That's not to bad. Taking this a bit further, I had 30 ripped out in one sitting.
  10. I use both.
  11. IE 7
  12. ddr2 667 ram. 2 gb made by Transcend.
  13. AMD Sempron 64 3400+
  14. XP Pro. on my desktop. LinuxMint on my notebook.