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  1. My desktop-hope I did this right! Nice clean look-my RocketDock autohides to leave no icons on desktop, no TaskBar, no StartMenu-everything accessed with Dock or gestures.
  2. Great tool! Works great on reshacked files-although, on a hex edited logonui.exe it did not work (setup stalled-not a valid image). Any reason why this would occur? To fix this would it require hex editing SFC files? Many thanks. Edit-My error-logonui was corrupted even though it was still functioning! Many thanks, great app.
  3. You need to add these lines to WINNT.SIF in I386 folder- [shell] CustomDefaultThemeFile="%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\ThemeName.Theme" Then add these folders to $OEM$/$$/ Resources(Copy and paste your Themes folder) here. Any non-default cursors,wallpapers,sounds,etc will have to be copy and pasted at same location into following folders Cursors Fonts Media(for Sounds) System32(for ScreenSavers) Web/Wallpapers Hope this helps