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  1. It was a virus...
  2. Because is Microsoft's fault and XPero's fixes aren't too good because those icons must go back to the drawing board.
  3. These new ones sucks as well. No offense, but the design is s***ty, you'd better include XP's icons. And for Realtek's audio panel... the one included in XPize rules!
  4. Wonderful! How can I have it too?
  5. Yep, looking good. But you can get rid of that point (Adrese utile.).
  6. Close = Închide
  7. When I get the French and Italian translations But if you want to see it in your language...have a look I wanna have a peek too.
  8. Check your PM I did.
  9. Done! XPero, I have sent you the translations, please confirm. P.S. ro_ROD is the one to use (rename it in ro_RO), forget about the other one.
  10. I'll do the Romanian version of the translation.