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  1. xpize 5 Release 6

    been searchin but not find, so i'll ask : What about my computer, recycle bin and hard drive icons ? Is it possible 2 change them? and one more: rar & zip archives has different icons? is it norm?
  2. xpize 5 Release 6

    I cant find how to uninstall the bootscreen, default i like more. 5R6
  3. xpize 5 Release 5

    what about MS updates? Does it work correctly?
  4. Sorry, have to leave it another day

    ****...man. Give me some of your stuff Muwhahahahaha! ^_______^
  5. Sorry, have to leave it another day

    Whether we will see release today or ... not ?
  6. xpize 5 Beta 2

    it's a normal size 4 me too. Let me see THE RELEASE plzzz... i can't wait no more...
  7. xpize 5 Beta 2

    Good afternoon. I advise not to hurry up and make all thoroughly with a minimum quantity of errors. =) as to make release never it is impossible, there is no limit to perfection.
  8. xpize 5 Beta 2

    i understand that u have done GREAT work! Really needfull. Do it well. Big thx.
  9. xpize 5 Beta 2

    early JUNE... end of June... maybe next year 4 sure?
  10. [Release]Vista Live Shell Pack 1.1

    Good afternoon, has put itself version 1.1 and has again received an error as earlier: about moving system dll. In given cases at calculator start. What can tell on it? Similar problems only for me? [ I have Grey Edition ]
  11. [Release]Vista Live Shell Pack 1.1

    All in yours Pack is very good, but here there is one thing: after installation the Pack do not work some programs, a mistake such: the System library user32.dll is moved to memories. Work of the appendix will be broken. Moving has occured that library C:\Windows\System32\SHELL32.dll has borrowed the area of addresses reserved for system DLL Windows. Address to the supplier for the new version of library. So there is an occasion for reflections
  12. [Release]Vista Live Shell Pack 1.1

    Many thanks for the done work, the only thing to me would be desirable to see this theme in black tones.
  13. [Release] XPize.NET 0.1 ALPHA

    Good afternoon, the long road still should be overcome Xpize up to final release?
  14. [Release] XPize 4.7 Beta 2

    will enough remove version 4.6 or it is necessary pure windows ?