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  1. I think, for my opinion...this is a Nice and unique is very difficult to find a people sharing like this... The technology behind those websites...Windows Applications that downloads youtube videos is the SAME as this... Only automatically parsing through HTML codes. For me, View Source and finding is much Handy... Anyway, thanks for the author Again...
  2. How to get the direct download link without using any website or windows application. For the author's guide, Click Here 1. Go to the Youtube video that you want to download. 2. Right Click to any vacant space->View source 2. Find, Press CTRL+F and type "watch_fullscreen?" 3. Copy the next String starting FROM "Video_id=...." UP TO "title" only, no more "=" character at the end. example: Video_id=Qybdjs.....title direct download link is.... + COPIED string
  3. Here's a command list for quick Aero On and Off 1. Rundll32 DwmApi #104 - Aero OFF 2. Rundll32 DwmApi #102 - Aero On (Refresh)