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  1. i known a program can do that... to find PaintDotNet i'm pretty sure the file you need in the first boot floppy disk of windows xp, but i'm not a clever guy on such matter ok,i'm really interesting in this topic,maybe somebody can help u with that soon...
  2. thanks , it means we still have chance play with MS new OS via "7"Lite or "X"Lite or something else lol
  3. nice tutorial thanks , but anyway to integrate service pack 2 into VISTA with SP1 DVD,this is a beta version ,help is appreciated,thanx.
  4. Unfortunatelly, This download link doesn't work to me , I need SHRINK IT / ResHacker Script Creator/ Expander /RegMerger,These GUI tools seem very useful to finish my installer,Anbody would be so kind email me, thanks in advance,