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  1. I have installed Sketup 5 Beta. If I used it the Program crashed every time. Program message: Create File failed for C:\windows\Temp\skpB154.TMP Sketchup 6 can not installed. Have anyone installed Sketchup 5 and can work with this program ?
  2. Solution: Don't use the nforce driver for the memory controller ! I have no problems more with the pci ide driver !!! Admiral_Loki
  3. Asus K8N Nforce3 M503 Silicon Image 1314 Amd Sempron64 2800 Ati Radeon 9800 pro SATA could not run under Win98SE. If only enabled in the bios ,win98se requires the pci ide driver. After that it runs under the compatibility mode. I have not found one compatible driver, that are the solution for this problem. Admiral_ZEUS