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  1. Thanks for the answer ! i've used the MySysprep to do it and it solved the problem
  2. Hello, I'm working for a french Hospital (IT department) and we are happy of this "How To". But we have trouble with "Dual Core" or "Hyper-Threading" processor. The system see 2 logical/physical processor but the 2nd is not used (periphical list show 2 processors) Only one processor is visible in Task Manager. Did you have this problem ? If yes, do you have a solution ? PS: It's on ALL our Computer model, not only one. Thanks for your help
  3. I'm looking for a solution for Windows 2003 server R2 SP2 (sp2 applied after Win Installation, 2CD) I've tried "crack" the setupldr.bin but i have this error : INF file txtsetup.inf is corrupt or missing, status 18 Setup cannont continue , ... If anyone have seen it please tell me how to resolve this error. thanks