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  1. The problem is next - I would like to install additional drivers during finishing unattended installation via RunOnce or RunOnceEx. Microsoft offers to use command line utility devcon in this case. It really works but only in case if you know hardware ID and if your driver is signed. What should I do if I want to use unsigned driver? Also there is another one difficulty in this subject - Microsoft doesn't allow to change driver signing policy - registry value HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Driver Signing backs to the old value "1" during to first attempt to install unsignrd driver... Does anyone has positive experience in this field? Thanks to all for any advice!
  2. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    @Serialzs I have doubt again regarding PnPOemDriverPath. Dear Serialzs, please chech your winnt.sif and replay what did you use for parameter OemPreimstall - YES or NO??? I suppose that if I'll use YES Windows will search for drivers directory $OEM$. Am I right?
  3. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    Right. It seems to me that I can now install W2k at least ) The reason of fail is definitely code that means "copy from CD \I386 to...". For your OS it is "100" and "1" for mine W2k. Thus here is solution. Unfortunately I can't check it right now but I'll do it as soon as I can and revert to you on this board. Also it is not possible to check driver installation using WMWare Workstation, I have to do it on real system. Also there is difference in our winnt.sif - I mentioned in it that place for system folder location is winnt and you are using windows folder. Thank you VERY MUCH!!! Your idea should work for installation of some apps f.i. JRE by the same way - you can make cab file, include it into list of cab files, make direction where to copy it during installation and run it using RunOnceEx, huh? Thank you once again and promiser to report about result, Alexey
  4. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    Sorry, I forgot to zip files... setup.zip
  5. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    @Serialz Thank you in advance. Here they are (files). I'm using Windoes 200 Pro SP4 Russian localized OEM. For more simplicity lets consider NVIDIA WinXP/W2k 56.64 driver. I cut distributive a bit (language files and IIS files) and got the set wich I packed using iexpress (SED file included). Please check integrity of idea. During installation attemp it stops on first string, contains 100 value. Maybe W2k doesn't understand it... DRVINDEX.INF
  6. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    You have to add it in drvindex.inf definitely.
  7. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    I did exactly the same as you adviced but it doesn't work! Maybe I'm stupid but I got the message during process the txtsetup.sif by install script: - error in 3rd string in SIF file - zero equal or wrong argument in 3rd string (I inserted driver's strings at the beginning of [sourceDisksFiles]). I tried to add direct direction what the .CAB is in [sourceDisksNames.x86] - I got error again, than I tried to copy .CAB file to hard disk via dosnet.inf - I got other error and I tired to repeat it. I started from simple package (folders didn't included) and I was fail. But I believe if you did it, I should make it as well. I suspect user error. Do you want to see changed files for having look where error is? I know it is not simple and unpleasant to search for error made by someone but I can't find it by myself... Sorry that I'm disturbing you...
  8. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    Sorry, I posted stuppid question (about "45"). Aswer is inside of txtsetup.sif. But another stuppid question was occured. What does it meam - 100 in string NVIDIA.CAB = 100? I can't understand this string and W2k can't understand it as well :-(( Please explain.
  9. my drivers Inf files to drivers.cab?

    @serialzs First of all, thank you. Secondly I have couple of question about details. You said: make cab file using iexpress. Right. What should I do in case of driver setup comtains folders (f.i. ATI or NVIDIA vireoadapters drivers)? iexpress doesn't allow to add folders into package. Absence of folders may cause error during installation. What can you offer? You said: 45 means to extract files and mentioned windows\temp folder. Does it exactly mean that files will be extracted in %systemroot%\temp or how can I specify extraction plece directly (sorry for stuppid question but I need help on this). Thank you in advance.
  10. Windows Media 9 Codecs setup

    Dear All! Could you give me advice regarding subject? If YES where I have to put it (XP/W2k) Rgds